Developing companies in all their fields

  • Preparing and updating the articles of association for the companies
  • Managing the facility transformation and change their files
  • Documenting and activating organizational procedures
  • Review public policies and implementing regulations
  • Designing approved forms and templates
  • Service level agreement between group companies or the holding company and between departments within the organization
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Establishing and operating the Shareholder Relations Department

  • Design and document work procedures
  • Training of cadres specialized in shareholder relations
  • Developing the relationship between shareholders and the organization through developing a disclosure mechanism
  • Managing and organizing stock records
  • Following up the distribution of the profit share
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Establishing, operating and enabling departments to carry out their duties according to the best standards

  • Training of management candidates for governance tasks
  • Ensure that the governance regulations are implemented
  • Monitor the organization’s compliance with regulations and systems
  • Monitor the performance of the executive committees
  • Follow up on decision-making in the organization
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